You have been lied too. Oh yes you have!

You have been lied to by the MSM. Doesn’t matter if it’s Fox, CNN, CBC, BBC, Al Jeazera or your local news paper. They lie to you everyday. And by the way, they can do it legally:

What is more appalling are the five major media outlets that filed briefs of Amici Curiae- or friend of FOX – to support FOX’s position: Belo Corporation, Cox Television, Inc., Gannett Co., Inc., Media General Operations, Inc., and Post-Newsweek Stations, Inc. These are major media players! Their statement, “The station argued that it simply wanted to ensure that a news story about a scientific controversy regarding a commercial product was present with fairness and balance, and to ensure that it had a sound defense to any potential defamation claim.”


You have been lied to by your politicians. I guess that goes without saying but it needs to be said anyway. They will tell you anything they think will get them re-elected..

The police lie to you. Sometimes for good reason, sometimes not:

The Star’s research looked at cases where a judge found a police officer lied, misled the court or fabricated evidence. In many cases, the judge tossed the evidence against a suspect. After officers lied in court, possessors of child pornography, a major ecstasy manufacturer operating out of a Scarborough house, drug dealers carrying loaded handguns, and others walked free.


The officers — Const. Bill Bentley, Const. Kwesi Millington, Const. Gerry Rundell and Cpl. Benjamin Robinson — are accused of lying during the testimony they gave during a public inquiry into Dziekanski’s death.


Attempting to reconcile such rulings, state courts and lower federal courts have come to draw a distinction between two kinds of lying to suspects: intrinsic misrepresentations, or those lies that relate to a suspect’s connection to the crime; and extrinsic misrepresentations, or those that have nothing to do with the suspect’s connection to the crime but attempt to distort his ability to make a rational choice about confessing. One of the leading cases recognizing this distinction is Holland v. McGinnis, decided in 1992 by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. That case affirmed the admission of a confession obtained after investigators falsely told the defendant, Holland, that they “had received a Chicago police report indicating that a witness had seen Holland’s vehicle in the alley where the victim had been raped, and that Holland would have to explain why his vehicle was there.” The Court reasoned:


Sometimes they lie to cover their own asses, sometimes it is to get the criminals, but it’s still lies.

You are lied to by Corporations. All the time. The biggest lie of all is that a Corporation is a person legally. Really? I have seen a lot of corporate headquarters and not one looked anything like any person I know. They also lie to about the products they sell.

Any restaurant that serves hamburger goes out of its way to reassure you how pure and natural it is. Restaurant chains like McDonald’s (“All our burgers are made from 100 percent beef, supplied by farms accredited by nationally recognized farm assurance schemes”) and Taco Bell (“Like all U.S. beef, our 100 percent premium beef is USDA inspected, then passes our 20 quality checkpoints”) happily vouch for the authenticity of their animal bits. Their testaments to the healthiness and fullness of their meat read out like they were talking about freaking filet mignon.

It’s how they get it clean that’s unsettling.

The Horror:

Ammonia. You know, the harsh chemical they use in fertilizers and oven cleaners? It kills E.coli really well. So, they invented a process where they pass the hamburger through a pipe where it is doused in ammonia gas. And you probably never heard about it, other than those times that batches of meat stink of ammonia so bad that the buyer returns it.

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In a recent study, it was discovered that the more the CEO makes, the worse they treat their employees. The study also railed against Wal-Mart who has repeatedly violated worker rights and laws concerning the workplace

Also, our economic system has incentivized companies to cut safety corners to make more money. This is well documented and doesn’t need much explanation here, but the government has a website that posts all recalls of products. It’s a very good website and you can visit it here (Recalls.Gov).

Again, I could post a thousand examples and barely make a dent in the lies told to you.

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