Your Legal Personality & The U.S Corporation

The United States Is A Corporation!

A legal personality or sometimes called an artificial personality is the characteristic of a non-human entity regarded by our government and our legal system due to their citizenship status.. Due to your rights, protections, privileges, responsibility and liabilities under law.. It’s called the legal fiction and that’s why laws can be applied to corporations.. (Uniform Commercial Code) Legal personality’s allow one or more natural persons act as a single entity for legal purposes.. In many courts today the “legal personality” is separate from it’s individual members.. They may sue or be sued, incur debt, make contracts and ownership over property! Great legal responsibility comes with this personality; and the payment of taxes! This is why our government makes us register our cars, pay taxes on anything, abide by their rules and regulations.. You don’t own your house in America, If you don’t pay your taxes they will come and take your property.. So where is the freedom? We don’t have any! Soon as we get that birth certificate, we are slaves to the government! If you were a FREE person why would you need a permission from any government to drive a vehicle, get married, start a business or even to do modifications to your home or property. You even need a license to hunt or fish as well. So where does it stop? It won’t unless you don’t submit to these unconstitutional actions!

If you notice on any Federal Reserve Note that it states: ” For All Debts, Public and Private” It doesn’t say that it could be used to accumulate wealth. So they are implying that we are always going to be in debt? Just like how our government and the federal reserve works today!? You know we owe more in interest than we do in actual debt? The federal reserve makes the government and banks pay interest on each dollar that they lend out.. This is a dangerous cycle of complete corruption! We don’t print our money in America, Some private company does it for us! How nice! If you can control the money supply; you can control the people! Below there is a lot of information that points to our government being a privately owned business which thinks of you as property!

Meet Your Strawman!

That video above is a great one that explains this theory in great detail.. I’m going to include more info on what to do about this corrupt system! Now if it wasn’t true then why would all your Bank Statements, Drivers Licenses, Birth Certificates, and Court Notices have your name in complete capital letters? Now that is your “fake” personality! We have no choice but to accept this for our true-self.. We need all these items to survive in today’s society because the government made this corrupt system to sucker everyone into.. The only way you can have complete freedom is to not to have citizenship in the country your living in.. “The Greatest Slave Is One Who Believes He Is Free….”

The reason behind this “ownership” behind everything including the people is when the International Bankers took over the United States of America and turned it into THE UNITED STATES (Corporation).. This happened when the Act of 1871 was passed. Our country was bankrupt at the time (Much like now…) Now if you know how banks work and or debt you always “give up” something (Collateral) to pay them back and they will never enter a deal unless they know they’re going to make money off of it. So by cleverly manipulating the government to “sell out” everything it “owns” to the international bankers who want to run the world by having a world currency… We are currently going through this cycle AGAIN in America due to the financial collapse by Wall-Street.. And this is only the second part of the conspiracy!! They are now trying to implement the AMERO (North American Currency Union), Our Dollar is about to crash within the next year.. The AMERO is only a stepping stone towards a World Currency; even A One World Government!

There Is No Constitution Anymore!

Yes, you read it right! We no longer have the “original” Constitution… The law that was passed by Congress in 1871 nullifies the U.S Constitution by changing “Constitution for the United States” to “CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.” We are no longer a country anymore, We are a corporation! If you look-up what does the “United States” mean? You get these answers, A) A Federal Corporation, B) A Agency, Department or Other Entity of the United States, And C) Instrumentality of the United States…

The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 turned the U.S Federal Government into a incorporated private business owned by “International Bankers…” Incorporated and Corporations just doesn’t apply to private business entities, but as private organizations and also governments! Now there has been many municipal governments that become corporations.. Such as Oklahoma Audio Almanac, Illinois Department of Human Services, and Steilacoom (Washington State’s Fire Incorporated Town) These are only a few examples; there are tons of towns across the nation which are privately owned and are only for pure profit!

Now if you look up corporation, you will find: An association of individuals, created by law or under authority of law, having a continuous existence independent of the existences of its members, and powers and liabilities distinct from those of its members.” Now it seems like it was worded to work out with businesses and governments!

The government cleverly tries to hide the past but it’s impossible! If we study history we will know the truth, See you can’t incorporate a municipal government like District of Colombia which has been in the corporation for over 60 years already! That’s why they tried to rewrite the Charter law that was passed in 1801 by making a “new law” in 1871 and calling it “Organic Act..” Which means the same thing as Charter! (The First Act) So where does the deception stop? It’s a weave of lies which only get deeper and deeper! The government is lying to everyone about everything and we believe it! You never know how deep it is until you really research the meanings and the history behind this stuff! The is a reason why they don’t teach you certain things in school!

Many city’s have rewritten their old charter’s but does that mean they are all now private businesses that make money off people trying to make a living? We no longer have our original Constitution anymore.. We are no longer free in this society! Is this why President Obama is allowed to be our president because we are no longer the United States… Is that the reason behind our low paychecks and rising costs of goods? We are doomed in America! We are not the governments servants; They are OUR public servants! We need to remember that!

A website called Panopticon makes the following claims:

“Refer to any UNITED STATES CODE (USC). Note the capitalization; this is evidence of a corporation, not a Republic. For example, In Title 28 3002 (15) (A) (B) (C), it is unequivocally stated that the UNITED STATES is a corporation. Translation: the corporation is NOT a separate and distinct entity; it is not disconnected from the government; it IS the government — your government. This is extremely important! I refer to it as the ‘corporate EMPIRE of the UNITED STATES,’ which operates under Roman Civil Law outside the original Constitution. How do you like being ruled by a corporation? You say you’ll ask your Congressperson about this? HA!! “Congress is fully aware of this deception. So it’s time that you, too, become aware of the deception. What this great deception means is that the members of Congress do NOT work for us, for you and me. They work for the Corporation, for the UNITED STATES. No wonder we can’t get them to do anything on our behalf, or meet or demands, or answer our questions.

So legally the corporate government of the UNITED STATES has no authority or jurisdiction in any other state of the Union beyond the District of Columbia!? Congress has the authority of both the Federal and the Washington D.C Government which are pretty much two separate corporate governments operating in the UNITED STATES.. Now I find it interesting what Wikipedia has to say about Washington D.C..

The District of Columbia and the city of Washington are governed by a single municipal government and for most practical purposes, are considered to be the same entity. This has not always been the case: until 1871, when Georgetown ceased to be a separate city, there were multiple jurisdictions within the District.Although there is a municipal government and a Mayor, Congress has the supreme authority over the city and district, which results in citizens having less self-governance than residents of the states. The District has a non-voting at-large Congressional representative.

Your Being Traded On The Stock Market!

Now if you look up “proper English” of spelling a name; you will find that it’s correct for the First Letter and the Last Letter to be Capitalized! Only names of Corporations are Fully Capitalized! Now the meaning of capital is Money, property, or stock.. Now that makes prefect sense! You know you can go to a stock broker and you can ask him to look-up your birth certificate number!!! It’s being traded on the stock market right now! (To See How Much Money You Make For The Corporation!) Now everyone is subject to Uniform Commercial Code because we do business all across the globe and everyone must be on the same “level playing field..” All these things came from ancient Vatican law.. (Canon Law, International Maritime Admiralty Law, etc….) Are they the leaders behind this New World Order Plan?

See when your born you are subject to Maritime Admiralty Law due to being born in your mother’s “water” from her birth canal.. That’s when a ship pulls up to a country’s dock it’s in “Birth” and the captain must provide a product of manifest which tells them what products and how much is on the ship.. Much like your birth certificate which states your, Place of Birth, Mother And Father and Your Name/Info… It is also printed on “Security Paper” and it includes a serial number for future tracking!


It’s the only way you can true FREEDOM! By having no citizenship you do not have to abide by any rules! But most of the countries today will not let you live in their country if you don’t have a citizenship.. Only the People can be Sovereign. The Government cannot be sovereign. It can also be found in the Declaration of Independence, where it says “government is subject to the consent of the governed”. We are not taught anything about the laws in school. Instead they make us memorize little facts and sayings. We are taught the Preamble, but the education system ignores the Bill Of Rights. They only want to dumb-down the students!

Your property, even including you children are property of the UNITED STATES Corporation..You are presumed to know the laws of the country; it’s your Responsibility and Obligation to know how the laws are applied to you! The corporation is divided in to many parts including the Legislative Branch, Executive Branch and Judicial Branch.. We are under Roman Civil Law! Until you understand the history, you will never know how big this conspiracy really is! We need the Republic of the United States back! “We need a REVOLUTION, not one of Violence but one of Education” We might not ever become a free nation but we can make our officials respect the citizens who keeps their corrupt world running! Below is a great document with a lot of information! Please research on the web if you don’t believe what you see… You will find out the truth sooner or later!

PDF Explaining All Capital Letters

The Legalities of All-Capital-Letters Names (your drivers license)