5 Creepy Paintings That Predicted World Events

An advert for a Pakistani travel company published in 1979. (Source)
Predicting real world events has been a fixation for not only Nostradamus. Many individuals have seen through the fog of uncertainty to predict some of the world’s major events through either paintings or images. Whether you believe in seership or not, it is not difficult to see some form of foresight in these images.


A folded $20 bill is said to have predicted the September 11 attacks. (Source)

As you look at this collection, do so with an open mind. The circumstances to which these pictures allude might seem speculative and nothing more than the mind being selective over what it’s seeing. However, coincidence or not, one must admit the haunting precognition presented here is enough to allow you pause for thought.

5. Claire Fearon’s “Evolution 4” and the Japanese Earthquake

Major similarities can be seen between the shape of the nuclear reactor and its relation to the explosion when compared to the photograph below. (Source)
Henfield-based artist Clair Fearon does not normally paint scenes of disaster and destruction; she more commonly focuses on cheerful images of the natural world. However, a year before the disaster took place, the artist was compelled to paint the desolate and evocative “Evolution 4”, a painting that, in her words, was totally unlike her.

Even without the specific details, Evolution 4 still manages to evoke this particular image of the disaster. (Source)

Noted similarities include the shape of the reactor and the classic nuclear mushroom cloud, the wave of water at the bottom-left of the painting and the city on the horizon slipping into a crack in the earth. (Source)

4. Alex Grey’s “Gaia” and the September 11 Attacks

Only a specific part of Grey’s painting are reminiscent of the attacks. (Source)Painted in 1989 by Ohio-born artist Alex Grey, Gaia was based upon a vision the painter had on the day his daughter was born. Grey has said how the painting was both hopeful and terrifying, with hope being represented by the blossoming left side of the canvas and desolation being represented by the right side.

A close up of a portion of the middle-right of the painting. (Source)

On closer inspection, we can see two passenger planes headed towards the twin towers with smoke and flame nearby. In the other close up, we can see a man in a suit in league with a foreign solider.

Second close up of painting; this time just right of the center. (Source) – (Source)

3. The Adventures of Superman and the September 11 Attacks

The first panel shows a building similar to the Twin Towers partially destroyed. (Source)During a story arc that involved aliens invading Metropolis, this image was painted to show the destruction the attacks had caused to the infrastructure of the city. The image in this panel is not actually the famous New York landmark, but the shape of the building is certainly evocative of the tragic event.

Later in the issue, damage to the actual Twin Towers can be seen. (Source)

What’s even more amazing is that this particular comic was released on September 12 2001, one day after the attacks on America. The publishers could do nothing about the timings and declared it a huge coincidence. (Source)

2. Max Beckmann’s Falling Man and the September 11 Attacks


Beckmann’s painting resembles the hugely evocative photographs of those who jumped from the Twin Towers as the fires raged inside. (Source)
Many of the attributes in Beckmann’s Falling Man mirror the terrible events that took place in New York in 2001. The burning buildings, the plumes of smoke and, of course, the falling body all make up a fairly reasonable account of that day.

The image remains one of the most memorable and startling photographs taken that day. (Source)

It has been noted that Beckmann’s Falling Man is a very figurative image, and that the character in his painting is representative of something else. Despite explanations, it is still shocking to see something so perfectly suited to highlighting the terror and tragedy portrayed in the actual photograph. (Source)

1. Willie Gardner’s Untitled Chalk Drawing and the September 11 Attacks


The drawing hung for 13 years in a Scottish back office (Source)Created by amateur artist Willie Gardener, this chalk drawing has many elements that link it to the terror attacks on New York. Two planes can be seen, as well as twin skyscrapers and the child depicted in the center of the picture has a definite look of uncertainty about her as she looks up towards the buildings.

A photograph showing a plane about to hit the second tower (Source)

Mr. Gardener’s daughter has subsequently noted that her father showed no precognitive powers before he died, but she admits that the similarities between his picture and the events of that day are quite clear. (Source)

Whether you believe in the power of visions and seership or you think mass coincidence is at play here, it is impossible to deny that the works of art featured do bear an uncomfortable similarity to horrific and emotional world events. With that in mind, now could be a time to look to current artists who may have inadvertently predicted the future with their gift. You never know, the future might already be mapped out on a canvas somewhere near you.

Is our future already painted and predicted somewhere? (Source)

Only one thing is for certain – time will reveal all.