The Fake Victims of 9/11

We all know that 9/11 was a complete hoax! I have done two posts on it which can be found Here and Here. Please read the first link because that has all the facts about this false flag attack on America by our own government. In this post I’m going to show you photos of the ‘victims’ and you can decided if these images are Photoshopped (Source)! I think our government created fictitious identities for these people; or unless they have more to hide about this vast conspiracy… Did 3,000 people really die that day?!

In 2001 no one was familiar with the technology that our government used or was capable of but now the pieces are coming all together as more and more people research into the government given ‘facts’.. We know that our government have withheld a lot of different information from the official 9/11 commission report.. Have you ever read that big piece of crap? It sounds like a made-up story! We can assume that there was no real hijackers on that plane because it was reported that many of the hijackers were still alive after the twin towers collapsed.. Does that make any sense? Now this is where is gets really weird..


“Elizabeth Wainio” – (“Honor Elizabeth Wainio” depending on which website you go on) – She is probably the most well known victim of 9/11. Many memorials ask for donations and fund-raising events for the family but the problem is she never existed! She is listed as being on Flight 93 but the government tried to ‘create’ her by placing a fake cell phone call to her step mother minutes before the plane crashed! Every time I’m on a plane, my cell phone has no service what so ever.. How could she ever make a phone call? The plane didn’t have any kind of telephone system on it.. Now if you keep reading below you’ll see how the same ‘technique’ is used in all of the victims photos…

If you search the internet, you won’t find many photos of Liz. Even her family has limited photos of her? Now that doesn’t seem right… The couple photos that are out there; she has the same face/expression in all of the photos..In this next photo you can see why they cropped the image..

Now here is even another image but again she looks like a frozen doll… Is she a computer-generated entity?

Now this maybe the weirdest part about this conspiracy..They are trying to make money off this fake terrorist attack.. Just like the big insurance claim was taken out on the buildings days before they came crashing to the ground.. I’m sure the brainwashed citizens who believe this bogus story; are still donating… We need the truth!!

More Photoshopped Images

Now after looking at the well-known ‘victims’ of the 9/11 terrorist attack; always two different photos come up of the same person.. Now doing some close-up investigation you can see that there is only a few differences between the photos.. I mean what are the chances that they could take two of the same photos with the same smile, lighting, and angle?! Did they’re families see these photos; what did they say?! Wait they might not exist…Well just look at these photos below:

Identical Firefighters?

Now this is where it gets really strange… Do all these firefighters just happen to look like one another?! I wonder if they got plastic surgery at anytime of their life… Anyway here is more photos to deepen the mystery:

More Examples:

300 firefighters died on 9/11 (NYC has about 11,600 firefighters) Most of these photos at a quick glance look pretty much identical.. What are the odds? It’s also weird how most of the photos are all in Black and White.. But the weird thing is that none of these families showed up to the 9/11 Memorial or supplied any other photos of their loved ones.

Police Officers

“The Allen Mix-Up”
One memorial lists “Richard L. Allen”, another lists “Richard D. Allen”. They are obviously the same guy (‘barcode’ on cheek). The two portraits are also clearly made from the same ‘photo’. The VOICES of SEPTEMBER memorial, “Richard L. Allen” is now a black gentleman! Now you might say that this is a ‘honest mistake’ by the memorial service. But none of the families or friends asked for a correction?

“The Collins Clones”
What are the chances for these 3 “Collinses” to look exactly alike?

“The Colaio Brothers”

Both were senior managing directors at Cantor Fitzgerald (which lost over 650 of their employees). Mark and Stephen COLAIO share the same but have a common friend named ‘Desiree’. No one else has bothered to comment on their very dramatic deaths.. Here is the official tribute on LEGACY.COM which goes like this:

“There are countless ways to encapsulate Mark and Stephen Colaio, but the T-shirts do it in three words. The brothers owned matching shirts that they wore every chance they got. On the front was inscribed, “Life Is Good.”Mark Colaio was a senior managing director and ran the agency desk at Cantor Fitzgerald, and he recruited his brother to work with him as a broker on the desk.”

The Black P’s

The White P’s

More Really Bad Memorial Photos!

Links & Videos

There is tons of information out on the web.. There is no way that I included every photo, video or every person that was a part of this 9/11 hoax.. I encourage everyone to do their own research into this vast conspiracy.. If you have anyone information or photos please email me at

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  1. We all (with half a brain) know that 9-11 was an inside job and not a “terrorist attack,” but to go as far as to say there weren’t any casualties is sickeningly absurd. I was there. I saw dead bodies (of jumpers!!!!). Though I lived 14 blocks away, I had to move out of my apartment for 5 months because the air quality itself was deadly. My cousin was an officer on the scene and he never came home. There is a PLETHORA of civilian videos and other irrefutable sums of proof that 9-11 happened. Nothing so TREMENDOUS (TIMES TWO!!) can collapse without at least several hundred casualties. Don’t be so disgustingly stupid.

  2. I understand there are many different views as to who did 9/11 and what not but to say that the victims are ‘fake’ is appalling, especially knowing one of these victims personally that you claim is fake. You’re an idiot

  3. I know that 9/11 was hoax by the US Gov’t to raise its public appeal and etc. I’m pretty sure people died but not 3000.

  4. Dan,

    You are lying. There were no jumpers. The buildings were empty. If you don’t know about Gelitin’s “The B-Thing,” it is time you looked into it.

    Photos of figures of men were were cut out and pasted on a fake background of the WTC tower. Gelitin hired a helicopter and camera man to record their dropping of a dummy in Spring of 2000, which was played back as being on 911. So many lies, so much insurance fraud.

    The falling man with his leg bent as a 4 figure was a cut and paste job. It referenced the hanged man Tarot card.

    I don’t think anyone died at all. All the fake peole made up for the 911 hoax were fake to fit the Grand Illusion of 911.

  5. How to explain a friend who had a father who died? He was a college dormate. I remember how messed up he was after that.

  6. This is just disgusting.
    peoples lives were lost.
    Families torn apart.,

    This wasn’t no hoax.
    this was ppl getting revenge on their land and oils being taken from them. Quit invading peoples places and the world would be more peaceful. This is the Result of Greed and Power. On both Ends.

    But I watched this as all thevWorld.
    it definetly wasn’t staged or planned by US Gov. Live in peace and go forward.

  7. You people are delusional. No one can fake something on this scale. Also, I went to high school with Elizabeth Wainio. She was most definitely a real person and she did die when flight 93 crashed

  8. You are a stupid asshole and you will rot in hell with the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11/01, killing decent people far more honorable than you.

  9. Its a fairytale, you guys…. Your fake stories are dead give aways… Jumpers?… We call those guys the paratroopers arround these parts, boy…. How does that make you feel?

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