A Picture With The Dead Emilie Parker? Fake Conn. Victims ?

Emilie Parker (5/12/06) is listed on the official victim list so this confirms that this girl should be dead, right? well look at this interesting photo that has been put together. The top photo was released by the family to the MSM and the below photo that was so released by the media; of Obama supporting the families and children of the Sandy Hook school. But this photo raises some new questions (Video has been removed) :


If you haven’t seen this video from the other day, please watch this! Father of Emilie Parker caught laughing right before the camera comes to him? Does this video reveal the hoax?

Here’s a screenshot in-case video goes down:


Another Weird Thing I Found About Another Victim, The Page Was Created on Dec 10th?:



I over looked this photo above; you will notice that this type of ‘hug’ is used by Freemasons meeting another brother. Here is a sample from a freemason book:


Conspiracy Alert: Not Too Sure About These Photos: