Contagion: A Future Plan For A Deadly Pandemic?

Today I turned on the TV and Dr. Oz was talking the new movie Contagion with the director of the CDC and the director of the movie. (Steven Soderbergh) The director was very scared about this ‘infectious disease’, I found this weird since this is only a movie.. Right? Now what I don’t understand is why would the director of the CDC (Thomas R. Frieden) be on the Dr. Oz show talking about this ‘fictional’ movie? Unless they are trying to prepare people for the future; as we know and have seen before.. Movies and TV shows seen to predict the future.. Anyway, Dr. Oz highly stated It’s not about if it could happen to us, but WHEN it will occur… But apparently, several kids have already been infected by some of these contagions! The director of the Center of Disease Control gave some very important information about when face this global pandemic, here is a screenshot of the steps..

The CDC is already tracking a new form of the Swine Flu as we speak.. And they also claim that ‘terrorists’ might use these three types of viruses to kill a lot of people.. Now your telling me that these terrorists have all this money, viruses and laboratories to create a pandemic?! I guess their tired of crashing planes into buildings..

Threat #1: Dr. Tom Frieden-Novel Swine Flu Genes from pandemic H1N1 combining with Swine Flu Genes and infecting humans. Several kids have already gotten infected, fortunately they are all fine and have recovered, so far there hasn’t been any spread from person to person. The CDC Lab has already a vaccine strain so that if it were spreading they could begin vaccine production.

Threat #2: Manufactured Smallpox – Frances Townsend CNN says the ability to use a very small sample and use it as a method of mass destruction’s is tremendous. The CDC lab is one of only two labs in the world that has LEGALLY samples of smallpox virus. If there was a smallpox attack the CDC says they could control it.

Threat #3: Measles – Measles is the most contagious disease on Earth, if one person has measles they can infect 15 at any given time. Dr. Oz measles is making a come back in this country and believes it could be because kids are not getting vaccinated.

That above video seems like a lot of fear mongering and not to mention a future plan of the U.S Government! Don’t believe in getting the new vaccine! I haven’t had one in over 5 years and I haven’t gotten sick in awhile.. Did you know that most of the vaccines have mercury in them? Now does that sound safe? Big PHARMA and the FDA doesn’t care about your health or safety! It’s all about the money and maybe a secret depopulation plan for the NWO.. Interestingly enough, The American Academy of Pediatrics is working with Congress to ensure that the renewal of the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act prioritizes children. Pediatricians are advocating for reauthorization to improve the development and stockpiling of pediatric medicines and to ensure that state and local disaster-preparedness planning incorporates children’s needs before adults.

Hollywood begins mass brainwashing campaign to get people ready for the next bioengineered virus release

The entertainment industry is no stranger to government propaganda campaigns, and the latest Hollywood flicks are no exception. A quick look at the trailer for the upcoming release of the movie Contagion reveals what appears to be a massive brainwashing campaign designed to prepare the American psyche for the next intentional release of a bioengineered virus — and it also conveniently and subtly programs viewers into accepting the idea that vaccines might be the solution to a major, devastating disease outbreak.

This tactic is nothing new, of course. If you look back at the themes of major movie releases over the past several decades and compare them to what ends up taking place in the real world not too long after, it becomes eerily clear that Hollywood is deeply connected to the agendas of those that are now in control of various world governments, including the US government.

Many, if not most, movies released today appear to be nothing more than psychological manipulation designed to either dull the minds of the people into accepting a certain agenda, or to literally condition people’s minds for upcoming disastrous events.

Armageddon movie conditioned public for September 11, 2001, attacks

If this sounds like crazy talk to you, consider a few examples of pre-9/11 warnings. In the 1998 movie Armageddon, there is an ominous scene where, upon hitting terrible New York City traffic, a taxi driver tells his passengers that the reason for it could have been a “terrorist bomb.”

A few moments later, the World Trade Center towers appear on the screen greatly damaged from having been hit by asteroids. And at another point in the movie, a space ship countdown clock is shown stuck in the “9:11” position. You can view a clip containing these scenes here.

Is all this just a coincidence? Perhaps. But the fact that in the movie Saddam Hussein is blamed for the “attacks,” the damaged twin towers appear oddly similar to the way they actually appeared years later on 9/11 prior to their collapse, and the countdown clock is stuck in the “9:11” position, point to concerted preconditioning efforts to the actual event that would take place just a few years later.

Based on the positioning of what appear to be 9/11 hints prior to the actual event, it appears that one of the next disastrous events on the agenda will be a deadly bio-warfare pandemic of some sort.

The movie Contagion, as well as numerous others in recent years including the 1995 movie Outbreak and the 2009 movie 2012, just to name a few, all seem to be pointing to the release of a deadly virus that will kill millions of people.

Even the media has had a hankering for deadly viruses over the past several years. In 2009, it was the great swine flu / H1N1 scare And prior to that, it was the deadly bird flu epidemic.

Perhaps it is all just one giant coincidence, and there really is no deliberate plan to release deadly, bioengineered viruses. But if mainstream news and entertainment media really is laced with psychological warnings about future events, it is important to take careful note of them now in order to be as prepared as possible.

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Photos From The Movie

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Interesting Points About The Film

Soderbergh was motivated to make an “ultra-realistic” film about the public health and scientific response to a pandemic. The movie touches on a variety of themes including the factors which drive mass panic and loss of social order, the scientific process for characterizing and containing a novel pathogen, balancing personal motives against professional responsibilities and rules in the face of an existential threat, the limitations and consequences of public health responses, and pervasiveness of interpersonal connections which can serve as vectors to spread disease. Soderbergh acknowledged the salience of these post-apocalyptic themes is heightened by reactions to the September 11 attacks and Hurricane Katrina.

The movie illustrates various examples of crowd psychology and collective behavior which can lead to mass hysteria and the loss of social order. The bafflement, outrage, and helplessness associated with the lack of information combined with new media sources like blogs allows quacks like Krumwiede to spread disinformation and fear which become dangerous contagions in of themselves.

Soderbergh repeatedly uses cinemographic style of lingering and focusing on the items and objects which are touched by the infected and become vectors (fomites) to infect other people. Against the contemporary backdrop of anti-government Tea Party movement in the United States, the movie also highlights examples of political cronyism.

Soderbergh does not use type-cast pharmaceutical executives or politicians as villains, but does portray bloggers in a negative light. Other responses in the movie such as Emhoff stealing a shotgun from an abandoned house to protect his home from looters, imposition of federal quarantines and curfews, lotteried allocation of vaccines, inadequate federal preparation and responses, and use of bar-coded wristbands to identify the inoculated highlight the complex tensions between freedom and order in responding to a pandemic.


I really want to see this movie, I wonder if there are any other hidden ‘messages’ in the film.. The movie poster is also weird because it contains different cities across the globe.. (It will be weird if a new virus starts in those cities first) After seeing this on Dr. Oz today, I just thought I needed to do a post on this new movie since it’s about that time when a ‘new virus’ appears out of nowhere and begins to kill to people worldwide. I plan on seeing this movie within the next week, so ill update this post with other information. If you have seen this movie and seen something strange, please send me an email at Are movies the real reality? Or are they just future plans that are designed for our society? Stay safe my friends and remember if it’s too crazy to believe, it was planned to be that way. -William Cooper