Caller States “Martial Law Is Coming Soon & The Country Will Be Shut Down

Hagmann and Hagmann is a nightly intelligence update show hosted by father and son private investigator team Doug and Joe Hagmann.

At the 73 min point a caller passes on confidential information which he claims comes from deep inside the government claiming martial law is coming soon and “the country will be shut down”, to be accompanied by use of foreign troops, attack drones, and lockdown of all major cities.

According to the caller, military equipment has been pre-positioned outside all major cities, and foreign troops are located on numerous military bases. He feels that the next step will occur “very soon”.

There will be a major non-economic event that will be a tipping event. He says all communications (including internet) and commerce will be shut down for six months.

Anybody without a six month supply of food and water will have problems if this plan is carried out. The U.S. will go to war with Iran in October according to the “plan”.

The plan also provides for cancellation of November elections. During the lockdown a new government (North American Union) will be installed under the control of the United Nations. This will be the end of the United States of America as we know it.