The Death Of The U.S Dollar

We all known that the Dollar is going to crash.. The question is when? The economy has survived the first “baby” crash but the upcoming financial disaster is much worse and most of us might not make it out alive… Our government has been spending so much money in the past a couple years… The money we already owe is almost impossible to “pay back” but no one ever talks about the Interest we have to pay on each dollar back to the Federal Reserve.. Our system runs on borrowing money and being in debt.. We just keep printing money which has no valve what so ever…. Our dollar use to be backed by the Gold Stranded but don’t worry our government has a new currency.. It’s called the AMERO for the North American Union… Canada, Mexico and the United States will form a community much like the EU.. One step closer to the Global Government..

In my last post about the secret inflation of the dollar; Our food packaging has been shrinking to “adjust” to the recent decline in the dollar. So your paying more for less… Now this is only the beginning, wait till your dollar is no longer accepted as a form of currency.. People are already buying goods in Gold and Silver… Bartering has also been becoming more popular, It’s easier to exchange skills than using paper money or precious metals… Many corporations including Banks have been going bankrupt, Our government talks about a shut down but will that result in Martial Law? I hope not….

[spoiler intro=”List Of Companies” title=”Which Went Bankrupt….”]


American Freedom Mortgage
American Home Mortgage
Amp’d Mobile
Bombay Company
Choices UK
Columbia Aircraft
Enfield F.C.
Evesham Technology
Kwik Save
Media Rings
Moonshine Music
Music Zone
New Century Financial
Remnant Media
Sentinel Management Group
Scarborough F.C.
spinART Records
Terra Securities
Topps Meat Company


Allco Finance Group
Aloha Airlines
Amtrak Express Parcels
Apex Aircraft
ATA Airlines
Australian School of Business and Technology
Bill Heard Enterprises
Buffets, Inc.
Circuit City
Coast Air
Commander Communications
Countrywide Financial
eos Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Gretna F.C.
Halifax Town A.F.C.
Holley Performance Products
IndyMac Bank
International Race of Champions
iQon Technologies
Kaupthing Bank
Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander
Krispy Kreme Hong Kong
Lehman Brothers
Levitz Furniture
Lillian Vernon
Linens ‘n Things
Luton Town F.C.
Madoff Investment Securities
Mattress Discounters
Meguro Sushi
MFI Group
Montres Villemont
Morgan UK
Nationwide Airlines
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines
The Officers Club
Olan Mills
Opes Prime
Peau Vavaʻu
Pilgrim’s Pride
RC Developments
Rotherham United F.C.
Sanlu Group
Sharper Image
Shoe Pavilion
Silver State Helicopters
Skybus Airlines
Super Aguri F1
Tai Lin Radio Service
Tribune Company
Tropicana Resort & Casino
Tuctuc Ltd
Value City
VeraSun Energy
Washington Mutual
WCI Communities
Wickes Furniture
Wilsons Leather
WiQuest Communications
Woolworths Group
XL Airways UK
Yamato Life Insurance Company
Zoom Airlines


3D Realms
A1 Grand Prix Operations
Allied Carpets
Apex Silver Mines
Babcock & Brown
Berkhamsted Town F.C.
Borders UK
CIT Group
Boater’s World
Colonial Bancgroup
Central Park Media
Charter Communications
Christian Lacroix
Crabtree & Evelyn
Darlington F.C.
Denver Newspaper Agency
Empire Direct
Extended Stay Hotels
Fisher Athletic F.C.
Fleetwood Enterprises
Goody’s Family Clothing
Journal Register Company
KB Toys
Land of Leather
LDV Group Limited
FC Lyn Oslo
Magna Entertainment Corp.
Midway Games
Monaco Coach Corporation
Nortel Networks
Peanut Corporation of America
Philadelphia Media Holdings
R. H. Donnelley
The Reader’s Digest Association
Ritz Camera
Setanta Sports
SETA Corporation
Silicon Graphics
Smurfit-Stone Container
Spectrum Brands
SsangYong Motor Company
Stanford Financial Group
Station Casinos
Steve & Barry’s
Sun-Times Media Group
Taylor, Bean & Whitaker
Trump Entertainment Resorts
Waterford Wedgwood
Young Broadcasting

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That’s not even all of the companies that went bankrupt to this tiny recession, imagine if the entire system failed…We would be screwed! It’s not looking good anymore, I’m scared for everyone even including my own family.. Our way of live is about to change drastically and we have no way of preparing for it.. It’s hard enough finding a job in today’s economy.. We don’t even get paid enough to survive.. The minimal wage is a joke! The wages they give you, wont let you even have a family or even a life at that.. The worst part about it is that our Government hasn’t raised it in awhile and if it was up to the standards that the government said; We would all be getting paid AT LEAST twenty dollars an hour. Think about it… Every job title would increase in pay and you would actually be able to live off working at McDonald’s or any minimal wage job…

I’m not trying to scare anyone, I’m just telling you how it is.. Our economy can no longer support the huge budgets that our government and local towns put out.. We are doomed! The rich is only getting richer, but the poor will be left with nothing! The reason our economy has been getting worse is because The Dollar is close to being throw out as the World Currency Reserve.. That’s really bad news for the U.S! We will soon have to buy all our goods in foreign money which will only increase the prices on our goods.. That’s why our gasoline is so cheap in America and expensive everywhere else.. That’s going to change real soon, everything will raise by 50% overnight!

BRICS wants to get rid of Dollar

Obviously, the main goal of this decision (reforming of international monetary and financial system by the BRICS countries) is to boost the international importance of the national currencies of the BRICS countries, but basically the greater usage of the national currencies in international settlement and international transactions will clearly increase the demand for these currencies and, possibly, at the expense of the global reserve currency which is the USD.

So I guess one of the targets of this decision is to replace dollar as a settlement currency between these countries. This idea is not new I would say we had similar initiatives on bilateral basis between Russia and China for example or China and other countries.

This decision is a continuation of earlier efforts. Why not? I don’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t be successful, for example the yuan and Russian ruble is already actively used for the international trade between these two countries, Russia and China, and respective currencies of other BRICS can be used in international settlements between other countries as well.

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Stores Begin To Accept Silver & Gold

There is tons of articles and videos on the internet which show places accepting Gold and Silver as payments or even bartering for goods.. More and more people are going to start doing the same.. We could send a message to the government if everyone stops using money! No Taxes = No Money For The Government! Too bad we couldn’t make our states become a new country which isn’t subject to the laws and regulation of the Federal Reserve and the U.S Government… Just search on the web and youtube for more information on this… Places are starting to have gold vending machines as well, pretty scary… We are doomed as a country and as people, Our way of live is about to change for the worse! Third World Country? Close To It! America is no longer the great nation it once was.. It’s going to be hard to recover from this one… Tell your friends and family, Be Prepared! Invest in Gold and Silver!

Current Gold/Silver Prices

Gold: $1,538 (Up 135% Since 2005)
Silver: $44 (Up 243% Since 2005)

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Utah Considers Return to Gold, Silver Coins

Virginia Considers Gold as Alternative Currency for When FED Breaks Down

Competing currency being accepted across Mid-Michigan

These are only a few links which claim that many states and stores have been accepting other forms of payment, including bartering… This is going to be new trend across the nation… I have bough some gold and silver myself but not enough to keep me going for a year.. Research more on the web and even watch videos to fully understand what is happening in the United States… (Ill update with more info when possible) If you have any information, Please send it to