Fluoridation a ‘lousy medical practice’ says doctor

health_dental_031208_2The Ministry of Health says the case for adding fluoride to water is simple, it prevents tooth decay, but those opposing fluoridation say it’s a “lousy medical practice”.

Dr Paul Connett, the co-author of “the case against fluoride”, has just started a nationwide speaking tour warning against consuming fluoridated water.

Connett told TV One’s Breakfast that fluoride is a very toxic substance and babies especially shouldn’t consume it.

“There is no known chemical reaction in the body that needs fluoride, but there are many that are harmed by fluoride.

“It makes the bones more brittle, it causes symptoms like arthritis for lifetime exposure but the most worrying thing I think is the impact on the developing brain,” says Connett.

But most Kiwis don’t have a choice with a third of New Zealand councils using the fluoridation method.

“Once you put fluoride in the water you can’t control the dose, you can’t control who gets it and you’re forcing it on people who don’t want it.

Connett believes any doctor who supports fluoridation should be ashamed of themselves. “It’s a bad medical practice and it violates the individual’s right to inform consent.”

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