Illuminati Manual: Marshall Law In America

In order to establish a New World government we must clear all obstacles such as the soverenity of nations so we could unify them in a new global regime. This plan is meant for ending US soverenity by acomplishing all of the 3 phases listed below. First phase consists of 3 major branches

Phase 1 – Process of demoralization
A) Education – Is necessary to disinform young ones and divert their atention towards false ideals and knowledge. Remember our saying: „Get them while they’re young!“

B) Unefficency – We must destroy their hope and morals by applying debt doctrine, keeping their economy low until the phase 2.

C) Media – control is vital. Without the control over media, process would be exposed. So you better keep on advertising, missinforming and stupyfing general population.

Note: Phase 1 „Process of demoralization“ is already active for almost a century. This process sucessfuly caused public suspicion towards the federal and the local government making our way towards destabilization easier. Remember, – This is all part of the plan! Great transition awaits in phase 2 of our plan.

Phase 2 – Crisis and destabilization (as quick transition to phase 3)
A) Economic collapse – With control over federal reserve system and U.S. debt, US economy will collapse increasing number of protests and occupy movements later justifying section C of phase 3 – „Marshall law“.
B) False flag attacks – include Special (nuclear) attacks and Standard attacks such as 9/11 in order to justify later section C of phase 3 – „Marshall law“.
*C) Oil crisis – To deepen the impact on economic collapse we will skyrocket the prizes of oil once we get the control over all of the oil reserves.
Phase 2 „Crisis and destabilization“ is estimated to last less than one year. It will bring us to Phase 3 „Depopulation“.

Phase 3 – Depopulation 

A) Starvation – Lack of oil and economic collapse accomplished in previous phase (phase 2) will cause the collapse of transport and electrical grid. However, without the transport there will be no food available in cities – many people will die.

B) Marshall Law – Mass murder and unrest will bring about the end of phase 3 with activation of FEMA camps. 

Phase 3 „Depopulation“ is estimated to last ten years (one decade). Expected population reduction will be 50% – 60%. The ultimate goal of phase 3 and Marshall law is convincing population to demand NWO, than our job in accomplishing NWO will be much easier.

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Our rule begins and we will finally prosper while our slaves work for us! Now ,micro-chip them all.

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