Nancy Pelosi Confronted Over the NDAA Indefinite Detention of Americans

Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi, who was in Scranton PA to attend a wedding, has been confronted over her support for the NDAA which allows for the indefinite detention and even killing of American citizens.

Independent activist Anthony Antonello, who in the past has confronted other elitists and politicians, found out that Pelosi would be in his area and took advantage of the opportunity to confront one of the power players in Congress.

June 9th 2012, Nancy Pelosi was in Scranton PA to attend a wedding. She must’ve figured while in the area she would hold a quick fund raiser at $1000 a ticket, $2500 for a 5×7 glossy with her.

Somebody forgot to prep her because there was no way she was coming through that area without having an encounter with an activist.