Obama Still Has A Lot Of Explaining To Do

By Highest Branch

He was born in Honolulu, but there is great controversy over the authenticity of his birth certificate. He went to school at Occidental, Columbia University, and Harvard; however, hardly anyone has stepped forward with any memories of him. There is a claim that Barack Obama, Sr. is his father, but many speculate that perhaps this isn’t so-a justification for not revealing his actual birth certificate. Barack took the name of his step-father and was known as Barry Soetoro for a period of time. He attended Besuki Public School and St. Francis of Assisi School in Jakarta but no former teachers or former classmates have come forward to brag about chumming with the President of the United States during their childhood.

Facebook is a modern marvel. I grew up in Meadville, a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania but I’ve lived most of my adult life in Columbus, Georgia. I attended Neason Hill Elementary School in Meadville 45 years ago. I remember all of my teacher’s names from first through sixth grade and most of my classmates. Recently, I logged into the ‘Meadville’ Facebook page and reconnected with many grade school friends. I wrote to one in particular and began my notification like this, “I know you probably don’t remember me but…” He wrote back and said, “Oh yes, of course I remember you…” We both had a clear remembrance of each other from 45 years ago.

Why hasn’t anyone from Besuki or St. Francis of Assisi School stepped forward to tell tales of their relationship with Barry Soetoro? Barack attended Punahou School, a college preparatory school in 1971. No one seems to have remembered him. Obama openly admits that he used tobacco, alcohol, and cocaine to “push questions of who I was out of my mind” (Boston Globe, Nov. 2007.) If Obama took drugs to forget who he was, did all of his friends take drugs to forget who he was also? No one, NO ONE, remembers him.

We know so much about our presidents. We collect facts and trivia about them. We are fascinated when we find common facts about extraordinary men. We know that Abraham Lincoln was 6’4”. We know that James Madison was only 5’4”. We know that George Washington wore dentures made of animal teeth. We know that a 332 pound Howard Taft got stuck in the White House bath tub the first time he used it. Very few people even know the 21st president named Chester A. Arthur. He once declared, “I may be President of the United States, but my private life is my own d_____ business.” This seems to be the ongoing motto of Barack Obama. We know so little about him that it ceases to be simply unusual; it borders on being just plain weird.

If you look hard enough, you will find a picture of Michelle and Barack’s wedding. But you won’t find any male friends accompanying the groom. His best man was Malik Obama, a half-brother from Kenya. Why are there no pictures or recollections of male buddies at his wedding? Did he have any friends?

Having attended Occidental, Columbia University, and Harvard, why are there no professors stepping forward to reminisce about having Barack in class? The Wall Street Journal reported that “Fox News contacted some 400 of his classmates and found no one who remembered him” (WSJ, Obama’s Lost Years, Sept. 11, 2008.) Matt Welch of Reason.com interviewed Wayne Allyn Root, a former ‘classmate’ of Obama at Columbia University back in the 1980’s:

Welch: “So tell us what we should know about Barack Obama that we don’t?”

Root: “I think the most dangerous thing you should know about Barack Obama is that I don’t know a single person at Columbia that knows him, and they all know me. I don’t have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia. Ever!”

Obama has spent nearly $2 million to cover up records from his past. We have no birth certificate, no grades from colleges and universities attended, no papers written, no speeches given. What is he trying so hard to cover up? Did his papers indicate his true colors? Was he aligned with Black Panther-like radicals? Would his papers reveal anti-Americanism or a radicalism that would categorize him more in line with a die-hard communist rather than simply a socialist? Is he hiding these things because he is an extremely private person and doesn’t care for the limelight (I can’t even keep a straight face while writing those words), or does Barack Obama have a background that must be hidden from the American people in order to fulfill the necessary deception to get him elected and probably re-elected?

There is a mystery surrounding the law licenses of both Barack and Michelle Obama. Were they revoked? Did they voluntarily submit for the suspension of their licenses? Does a lawyer volunteer their license shortly before they are about to be accused of wrong doing? Is it like a coach resigning from his team just hours before he knows he is about to be fired? Did they request their licenses be made inactive only to be activated at a later date or did they surrender their licenses permanently?

Jack Caskill writes for World Net Daily. He has written a book entitled “Deconstructing Obama.” Caskill was flummoxed by the reports of a bogus social security number used by Barack Obama between 1977 and 1979 (Another Look at Obama’s Social Security Number, WND, March 17, 2011). The number was issued in Connecticut. Obama has never lived there, nor has any family member. Why would he get a social security card from Connecticut?

Caskill contacted Susan Daniels, a licensed investigator from Ohio who is very well qualified to research assets for law firms. She lives in the world of databases and has access to many records that public commoners have no access to. Daniels began her own investigation of Barack Obama in 2009 and discovered the dilemma regarding his social security number. “All I can say,” says Daniels of 042-68-4425, “is that it’s phony and [Obama] has been using it with it first appearing on his selective service document in 1980.” Daniels discovered that the applicant for 042-68-4424, Thomas Wood, died at age 19 and lived in Connecticut. Barack Obama applied for 042-68-4425 when he was sixteen years of age living in Hawaii. Why won’t Barack Obama step forward and explain this mystery?

Alan Keyes expressed his concern about this issue: “Is it incompetence? Is it cowardice?” he asks rhetorically. “Is it just indifference and nonchalance of this elite in the courts and in politics, in the Congress and elsewhere?” (“Obama Social Security Number to become issue in 2012 race?”, Joe Kovacs, WND, 8/11/2011)

Politicians are vulnerable when it comes to the women they have dated or even had casual contact with over the years; just ask Bill Clinton, Herman Cain, or Anthony Weiner. But where are the girlfriends of Barack Obama? Is there not one single female in his past who would step forward and claim to have dated him or at least known him in even a superficially intimate way? None. Not a single female claims to have known him in that way. Barack was 31 years old when he married. He attended several colleges and universities. He lived in many different parts of the country. Not a single female has stepped forward saying, “Oh yes, I knew Barack. We dated for a while.”

Herman Cain said that the American people are “sick and tired of the deception coming from this president and this administration.” Paul told the Corinthians, “Don’t let anyone deceive you” (1 Corinthians 15:33). Thomas Gray wrote in his poem, Ode to a Distant Prospect of Eton College, “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.” Are Americans tired of being deceived, or are they satisfied in their ignorance? We will find out on