Public Officials Admit They Have Been Scamming Citizens At Red Light Cameras

redby Michael Lotfi

Citizens in counties around the country have taken their cases to court when it comes to red light cameras. More often than not, the cameras are found to be unconstitutional. When a driver currently gets a ticket from a red light camera in the city of Murfreesboro, TN, the tickets warn that if payment is not received then the driver registered to that vehicle will lose their license, be reported to the credit bureau, which will negatively impact their credit, and have points issued against their insurance.

However, according to the most recent city council hearing, none of that is true. Tennessee state law, as well as city ordinances, prohibit such action being taken against motorists. The tickets that motorists receive in the mail are essentially making false threats in an attempt to bully them into paying fines that they actually do not have to pay.

According to a group called Citizens Against Photo Enforcement (CAPE) it’s time for the cameras to go, and this new evidence proves the point. A CAPE co-founder provided us with the following statement:

“Despite the fact that the city council decided to continue the automated camera system for one more year, we consider yesterday’s council meeting a tremendous success. One year ago when we originally discussed organizing opposition to the cameras, it was almost certain they were going to double the amount of cameras in our city as well as possibly add speed enforcement cameras. In this current decision, they have decided to only maintain the existing camera infrastructure and not expand the system. There was also healthy questioning to Police Chief Chrisman about the effectiveness of the system that was not present in the past. Most important, the council acknowledged publicly that despite the tickets directly threatening the loss of one’s license and reflecting negatively on one’s credit report, they cannot take any substantial action against those who choose not to pay and simply ignore the ticket. This is because under Tennessee State Law, automated traffic cameras which issue tickets cannot issue moving violations. Because of this, they cannot reflect this on your driving history nor report this charge to a credit agency. In the words of Murfreesboro City Councilman Eddie Smotherman whom was the only one who voted no to continue the contract, paying a ticket in the current system is little more than a complimentary payment.”

The group plans to continue their fight to stop the red light cameras, and say that the new evidence from the council hearing has state-wide implications.

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