Why You Should Support Donald Trump.. Not OBAMA

I’m sure you have seen the posts on Twitter, Facebook and other website complaining about Donald Trump. Now are you one of these people? Or are you fighting these trolls? (There is a massive conspiracy to silence Trump… The Obama ‘truth team’ is out in full force to discredit and remove all traces of Obama’s past..) Notice how the Obama supporters only have a few hit lines such as:

“Okay Donald Duck”

“Get a new hair piece”

“He’s Racist”

“He’s mad because Obama will tax him more”

Now do you think Donald Trump cares about more taxes? No! He has tons of money and that’s why he will donate 5 MILLION to any charity of Obama’s choice. (Notice how none of the MSM covered this topic) The only MSM reports are online: (Trumps donation is enough to pay for the entire Mitt Romney tax cut!) or saying: Donald Trump’s ‘Major’ News Now Twitter Laughingstock – Below is the official press release from Trump:

Or you can watch his video reading the letter from above:

Now onto the conspiracy:

Trump brought attention to conspiracy theories questioning Obama’s citizenship status in media appearances, and endured criticism from political opponents for this. In an NBC-TV interview broadcast April 7, 2011, Trump said he was not satisfied that Obama had proven his citizenship.

In an April 2011 NBC interview, Trump disclosed that he had sent researchers to Hawaii to investigate the matter of Obama’s citizenship status, commenting “they cannot believe what they’re finding.” On Anderson Cooper 360° on CNN, April 25, 2011, Trump said he wanted Obama to end the issue by releasing his long-form Certificate of Live Birth (distinct from the short-form Certification of Live Birth – Hawaii’s prima facie evidence of birth), adding, “I’ve been told very recently … the birth certificate is missing.”

The long-form of Obama’s birth certificate was released by the White House on April 27, 2011. Obama said it should put the matter to rest; that the nation had more pressing problems to solve and could not afford to be “distracted by side shows and carnival barkers”. Trump expressed pride at his role in the release of the long-form certificate in a press conference followup. (The following Sunday, May 1, NBC would interrupt The Apprentice for breaking news coverage following the revelation that US forces had killed Osama bin Laden: some conspiracy theorists suggested that a vindictive Obama knew of the mission’s success well beforehand and had consciously delayed his official announcement so that it would take Trump off the air.) Interestingly enough after finding this info about trump, I compared it to the info I gathered during the Osama broadcast by someone on ATS:)

A dark haired male anchor (don’t know his name I rarely watch MSM let alone MSNBC these days) had a small piece of paper he was looking at. The anchor then said something along these lines in one of the most chilling tones I’ve ever heard on the news:

“No one is telling me I can’t report this so I will now say that the President will be announcing that…I’m now being told to hold this announcement though it doesn’t say that on this paper.” As he was cut off all of us in the living room started yelling and we were all freaked out.

Then I found this Article: Donald Trump to reveal ‘Michelle and Barack Obama’s divorce papers’, claims respected financial pundit:

Donald Trump is to claim that he has unearthed divorce papers of Michelle Obama and the President, according to a respected financial pundit with links to the tycoon.

It is alleged that the eccentric real estate mogul will claim that the documents show the First Lady and the President were at one point in their two decades of marriage seriously considering splitting up.

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Now after reading all the information that I have provided you above, have you changed you mind, or do you even hate me more? Well that’s too bad because there is something really wrong with Obama’s past and future. Why is it a big deal for him to release his records, this is no a race issue or anything. We don’t know anything about our president. I want the conspiracy to end much as the next person but this is a huge issue during the next election. Not to mention – CBS News Claims Obama Wins The 2012 Election In October? Is it completely rigged? They claim they were testing graphics for the upcoming election, but how could this have leaked live on TV? Was someone sending a message to the American citizens? If you want to research further into this issue, you could be lazy and watch 2016: Obama’s America Here on our website! (Oh wait; Obama’s Truth Team Keeps Taking It Offline, Wonder Why?) Come on people, how can you not say there is a conspiracy behind this!? Donald Trump if you’re reading this; keep up the research. The truth has to come out eventually right?