Sphere Sculptures Across the Globe

These Sphere Sculptures have been popping up all across the world without any media coverage or any type of information about them.  Are these a sign of 2012 or the New World Order? It looks if a new world is emerging from an “old world”, or a new planet breaking through the Earths surface; Ending the world as we know it…

The Sphere Within Sphere (Sfera con Sfera) was created by an Italian sculptor named Arnaldo Pomodoro. He originally created it for the Vatican Church but it now has spread across the globe. It can be found at these places; Trinity College in Dublin, The United Nations Headquarters in New York, The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C., Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, the de Young Museum in San Francisco, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, American Republic Insurance Company in Des Moines, Iowa, and at The University of California, Berkeley.

He “claims” that this represents Christianity but there is more to this than what meets the eye. The UN want’s a religious statue in front of the headquarters?  As the same with schools and museums? There is no separation between church and state because the church is the state; The Vatican has been ruling the world for over a couple centuries now.. The Vatican’s goal is to force a global religion upon the citizens to bring together a New WORLD Religion. A world with complete control, one global religion, common laws, and a one world government!

Symbols are a way to “alter” your thinking without you even knowing it. Think about your favorite company logos, You associate a brand with a picture. Could this be the New World Order Logo? I still haven’t seen one in person yet but I plan to go to the UN headquarters this summer and look at this sculpture in person. I want to see if there is any hidden messages, or meaning that could reveal this sphere as a global plot to control the world.

If these spheres get too much attention they will be taken down like the Denver Airport Murals which were very symbolic to the New World Order. The murals have been painted over, was that goal completed or it was drawing too much attention to their evil plan?

Now this sculpture to the right is before September 11, 2001, Notice it’s not that incomplete as the other spheres. Could that be a sign that the NWO hasn’t begun yet? After 9/11 this sculpture has been removed and they put up a “new” one at the UN Headquarters with a more broken apart appearance.


There are many different types of cracks within these sculptures. Each one has it’s own meaning but only the artist could tell us that truth. What I also want to know, Is who put them up and who paid for them? Once we “follow” the money we could really find the true reason behind the weird phenomenon.

Now there are so many different styles I don’t know if I can even find all of them and post them. It seems like the whole world is “cluttered” with these spheres. I wonder if you get the location of each of these spheres and look on a map; What would form? An All Seeing Eye or a Date? A simple search on You-Tube will gather lots of videos and on  Google tons of pictures and articles. We may never know the true meaning behind these spheres but we know someone is spending a lot of time and money to put these up across the globe. But for now these will always remain a mystery upon humans just like every other thing in this world.

To put an end to this topic, I have included a You-Tube video showing the different sphere sculptures across the globe. One day soon I’m going to look at them with my own eyes, So till then if you have anymore info: Please send us your ideas. at tips@usahitman.com

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  1. Hegelian Dialectic: [Wikipedia] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thesis,_antithesis,_synthesis

    Thesis: “The world has a beginning in time, and is limited with regard to space.”
    Antithesis: “The world has no beginning and no limits in space, but is infinite, in respect to both time and space.”
    Inasmuch as conjectures like these can be said to be resolvable, Fichte’s Grundlage der gesammten Wissenschaftaslehre (1794) resolved Kant’s dyad by synthesis, posing the question thus:[3]

    Are synthetic judgments a priori possible?
    No synthesis is possible without a preceding antithesis. As little as antithesis without synthesis, or synthesis without antithesis, is possible; just as little possible are both without thesis.
    Gustav E. Mueller (1958) concurs that Hegel was not a proponent of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, and clarifies what the concept of dialectic might have meant in Hegel’s thought.[8]

    “Dialectic” does not for Hegel mean “thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.” Dialectic means that any “ism”–which has a polar opposite, or is a special viewpoint leaving “the rest” to itself–must be criticized by the logic of philosophical thought, whose problem is reality as such, the “World-itself.”
    Much has been “attributed” to Hegel … which is not his original idea. Graffiti for the wise to see thru.

  2. I found one today in Bologna Italy, but it is not spheres, it is three pillars of different sizes. It is very obviously meant to represent the two world trade centre towers and WTC7. There are two large towers. The largest one, in the center, is gold and has that transforming and cracking motif. The second largest, only slightly shorter, is black with similar features. The third is very different. It is much smaller, and silver. It had a clean split on an angle near the middle and the top half of the colomn is designed to look like it is sliding off of the bottom half. This pillar does not have the common transforming, mechanical, crack look that Arnaldo Pomodoro’s work, and the other two pillars have.
    It also seems to imitate the three pillars of Free Masonry. This art work had no label and was slightly hidden away in a park called Parco del Cavaticcio. This park is just steps away from Bologna’s September 11th Commemoration Park, which seems to display the numbers 911 when viewd from above, made up of a spiralling car park making the 9, and a field divided into two halves to form the 11. I hope to post these somewhere online if I can. Once I do, I will try to label them 911 art Bologna so anyone reading this can try to find the images. I haven’t seen any other images of them online yet.

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