The Hidden Truth of Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are messages that are designed to stimulate and reprogram the subconscious mind. Because they are designed to target the subconscious mind, we are usually not aware of them. Depending on how subliminal messages are used, they can disrupt the integrity our minds or help us overcome our fears.

Corporations and governments are obsessed with subliminal messages because they are effective at controlling our thought patterns without our knowledge. Some of the most popular subliminal messages used by corporations and governments involve sex, drug, food, fear and violence. These five types of subliminal messages can easily be found in commercials and magazine ads. Next time you watch TV, pay very close attention to commercials and see if you can detect the five subliminal messages that I just mentioned.

Once you understand how subliminal messages work, you should understand why our society is so addictive to sex, drug, food, fear and violence. The main reason why corporations and governments used these five types of subliminal messages the most is because they are very effective at selling their ideas or products.

Once they used subliminal messages to influence our minds to a certain point, they can motivate us to do certain things without our knowledge. For example, they can use subliminal messages to stimulate our subconscious mind to accept compulsive behaviors and then use specific images or words to trigger those behaviors. This type of subliminal message is very popular among the fast food industry.

Below is a quick video that does a great job exposing the negative effects of subliminal messages. The host in this video is Alex Jones. Overall, Mr. Jones usually does a good job exposing things that the corrupt government does not want us to know. However, his information is not always accurate and he tends to concentrate too much on the fear. Even though sometime his information is misleading, he did a great job exposing the negative effects of subliminal messages in this video.

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How to Free Your Mind from the Conventional Matrix

Pao L. Chang, Guest Writer Waking Times The human mind is one of nature’s greatest achievements because of its infinite potential. Its potential is so astonishing that if you learn how to unlock its full potential, anything is possible. Below is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about what the mind is.

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I was looking at Youtube videos and came across some cartoons and other animated movies for children where they showing subliminal messages and assimilated images, and from what I view none of them were positive. The movie Toy Story 3 had a plot where the toys were locked in cells and they were banning to break out of prison even the outside…

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