‘Trayvon Martin’ Never Existed – An Agitation Propaganda Exercise

Watch this video below.. It provides interesting theories behind the propaganda of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and the entire thing from beginning to end.. Ill post other information I find out below:

Look up Trayvon Martin on the numerous Death Records/ Social Security Indexes and NOTHING comes up which is completely weird… Adam Lanza and other people showed up on the index when I searched them. Something strange is going on with his real identity or if he even exists at all.. There is a image floating around, hard to come by of Trayvons tombstone:


We were one of the first websites to acquire the image.. Notice how it says JOB WELL DONE.. This only provides to the theory of a fake person to take the propaganda to a real life PSYOP war against the human race.. The govt also paid protesters to go and rally against Zimmerman! Now in our other article, you’ll find a Freemason stone inside Denver International Airport with Zimmerman and Martin written on as with the New World Airport Commission (which doesn’t exist, yet). In that same article you’ll find out that Trayvon’s dad is a master mason at the lodge in Florida. Conspiracy? Well it sure seems like something weird is going on. Now if you wanna dig deeper, do a search on these names below and even find the documents. I can’t find anything on this case or about anyone…

George Zimmerman

Robert Zimmerman

Shiping Bao