Trayvon Martin New Photos… Freemason Connection

Now I really haven’t been watching the case via TV (never do) but I have been following forums and live feed details and an image of Trayvon Martin’s tombstone came on a forum which got it from a live CNN feed. Now take a close look at what it says:


Job Well DoneNow that’s odd to put on a tombstone. Now if you do a search on the grave or another picture you wont find the one posted above but you will find this photo which seems to be a memorial plaque at a park or something. This is the only website that officially mentions anything about his burial details. And only shows a tiny picture of the temporary memorial stone. If someone is in Miami, go there and confirm which one it looks it and let someone know for sure. Here is that screenshot of the website:


Recently MSNBC showed an image of Trayvon Martin’s life-less body at the crime scene on their live feed:



At Denver International Airport there is a Freemason remembrance stone by the New World Airport Commission which mentions a name called Martin and Zimmerman. Could it be some type of code meaning or something? Here is the image:


Now these images are old but Trayvon’s dad is Freemason in Florida, Do the research:


Not really sure what to think…