“We’re Training To Invade The United States”: Chinese Soldier Spills The Beans?

China has been building up its fleet of amphibious assault ships, which could be at the front line of an invasion of Taiwan, say. That is, if China could conceivably launch one. But probably not. Since 2008, China has launched four Yuzhao-class, or Type 081 amphibious assault ships. The lead ship was deployed to fight pirates near Somalia. China is also reportedly working on a newer, bigger amphibious ship called the Type 081 (.pdf).

What’s more likely is using the Green Pearl for “soft power” operations distant from China’s shores. “Beijing seems rather comfortable with the situation in the Taiwan Strait and is clearly looking beyond Taiwan, as it has been for some time now,” Holmes says. “Such a vessel could be a workhorse for any mission involving amphibious operations, meaning humanitarian relief.” Read more @ http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2012/08/chinacruise/

Though the entire John Moore video below is very educational, the talk of Chinese troops in Mexico begins at approximately the 39 minute mark. Also discussed are Russian Spesnatz soldiers in America and much more…