USGS Can’t Explain Clintonville Strange Sounds

By Tom Rose

USGS officials confirm that Clintonville, Wisconsin was hit by a minor earthquake early Tuesday, but that doesn’t explain why the town has been plagued by strange sounds since Sunday night.

Residents reported booming sounds again on Thursday morning, making it the fourth night in a row the mysterious noises have been heard and felt.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a 1.5 magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday just after midnight near Clintonville. Officials stated they don’t believe such a minor quake is usually heard or felt, but concede it’s slightly possible.

It doesn’t explain why the booming noises were first reported early Monday morning and each night since.

Town officials immediately investigated and ruled out a number of man-made causes, including construction, traffic, military exercises, explosives and underground work.

Town officials also announced they’ll be conducting another news conference Thursday at 6 p.m.

It’s not clear what will be revealed, but it’s been reported an outside firm has been setting up monitoring equipment around the town looking for causes.

What could be causing these mysterious booms? It seems a minor earthquake is merely a coincidence and officials have been unable to pin the cause with any of the usual suspects. Naturally, the rumor mill is now running rampant.

In the absence of logical explanations, conspiracy theorists are gravitating to the supernatural. Scenarios range from alien invasion to divine intervention.

One theory even has a band of industrialists, known as the Vivos conglomerate, building a Doomsday 2012 underground bunker in secret nearby. At least that would explain why the sounds are only being heard in the dead of night.

At this point in the unfolding story, every theory is being explored.

Stay tuned.