Ufologist Claims Global Intelligence Covering Up Alien Life on Earth for ‘Decades’

A transnational intelligence conspiracy has been keeping the public in the dark over extraterrestrial visits for decades, an ufologist told RT claiming that 43% of Americans believe in contacts with non-human civilizations.

No matter how divided the nations may be in politics, there is a thing that makes the government stick together: covering up existing contacts with the aliens. At least that’s according to Steven Greer, director of the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project, who spoke with RT’s SophieCo show.

The retired traumatologist who has been looking for non-human presence on Earth for almost 30 years claims that he has “documents to show” that the Soviet KGB and the US intelligence cooperated on the issue “back in the darkest days of the Cold War.”

Today, data on alien life is allegedly kept by top-secret projects in Canada, UK, Russia, China, with the US being the “crown jewel.”

Greer himself claims to have collected enough testimonies, documents, photos and even biological specimens to suggest there’s “incontrovertible evidence” of alien life existence. While not disclosing specifics, he mentions apparently peculiar footage apparently handed over by “Chilean generals” which shows fighter jets chasing a UFO and a similar one from Mexico.

Greer believes the alien technologies go beyond the speed of light but they won’t hurt humans until they bring weapons of mass destruction into space.

While “43% of Americans” believe in contacts with non-human creatures, the CIA is spreading disinformation to mislead the public, the UFO enthusiast goes on to say. He adds that the governments won’t reveal the truth because it will disrupt the current “macroeconomic petrodollar system.”

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