The Upcoming Nuclear Disaster.. FEMA Evacuations! It's Only Getting Worse!

This is breaking news people! I posted yesterday about the Great Flood of 2011.. That was only little of background information and pictures of the damage! The thing about this recent disaster is that the mainstream media has been blacked-out by the government.. That means nothing is really being reported besides that there is some ‘high’ floods in the area.. They don’t mention anything about the Nuclear Power Plants really.. The one is still running and they know that it will also flood near them and they are still letting it run?! That sounds like a planned nuclear disaster way worse than Fukushima! So what is our government doing to protect the plant.. We they put up AquaDam which is like a floating barrier that protects the plant from flood waters.. Sounds great right? Well the bad thing is that it’s a pretty small barrier.. The water is already up two feet and it’s only going to get higher… I would say about maybe as high of 15 feet in some areas.. Now since there is a blackout it’s pretty impossible to get any information about how bad it really is.. If you know anyone or if you live by the nuclear power plants please send me an email at for any other information that the mainstream media is not reporting right now.. Anyway here is some information and pictures I found of Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station…

ABC Reports about the Fort Calhoun Plant:

Although the Fort Calhoun plant … is surrounded by an eight foot tall and 16 foot wide protective berm, two feet of water have already made its way to several areas of the Fort Calhoun plant, but authorities say there is no immediate danger at either plant.

CNN Reports:

U.S. nuclear regulators say two Nebraska nuclear power plants have protected critical equipment from the rising waters of the Missouri River even though flooding has reached the grounds of one of them.

Parts of the grounds are already under two feet of water as the swollen Missouri overflows its banks. But the Omaha Public Power District, which owns the plant, has built flood walls around the reactor, transformers and the plant’s electrical switchyard, the NRC said.”They’ve surrounded all the vital equipment with berms,” Dricks said.An 8-foot-tall, water-filled berm, 16 feet wide at its base, surrounds the reactor containment structure and auxiliary buildings, the NRC says. The plant has brought in an additional emergency diesel generator, water pumps, sandbags and firefighting equipment as well, according to regulators.

The Omaha World-Herald said that the river is expected to rise an additional 5 inches at both nuclear power plants..

On Tuesday, the Army Corps of Engineers announced that releases from Gavins Point would increase another 7 percent to 160,000 cubic feet per second.

That will add about 4 to 5 inches in the river’s level at Fort Calhoun and Cooper Nuclear Stations, according to information from the corps and the National Weather Service…

The NRC has added two inspectors and a branch chief to the permanent two-person inspection crew at Fort Calhoun station, said Lara Uselding, spokeswoman. They are providing around-the-clock oversight there.

The Chief Nuclear Officer of the Plant:

An internet site claims there are serious problems, saying flood waters are endangering the plant and a ‘no fly zone’ was installed to cover up a radiation leak.

The plant’s chief nuclear officer, Dave Bannister, said none of that is true.

“There is no release of radiation from the site,” Bannister said. “The plant is safe, will continue to be safe and we will do the things necessary to keep it in a safe condition.”

Bannister said hardened barriers and plates, sandbagging, and an aqua dam are protecting the plant.

He said he installed the ‘no fly zone’ when he saw four low flying planes over the plant.

“I can ill afford at a time when I’ve got already a natural disaster going on to have an aircraft crash on site that could potentially affect one of my power sources,” he said.

A lack of on-site power was one problem confronting Japan’s Fuku Shima plant that was damaged by a tsunami.

OPPD President and CEO Gary Gates said lines powering the Fort Calhoun plant are secure.

Wait What?

On June 23, 2011, the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency announced that flood waters along the Missouri River at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, south of Offutt Air Force Base, surpassed previous flood records set in 1993 when they reached 36.03 feet. Nebraska City, Nebraska also surpassed 1993 levels with a record 27.79 feet.

Intimidating, perhaps, but not surprising to the Army Corps of Engineers who announced Tuesday, June 21, 2011, that they would increase the amount of water released into the Missouri River from Gavins Point Dam near Yankton, South Dakota from 155,000 cfs, or cubic feet per second, which was the amount they originally planned to maintain for the rest of the summer, to 160,000 cfs on June 23, 2011, anticipating an average increase of four inches in flood water levels.

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We found some photos from a website called the official OPPD Flood and Outage blog:

June 10th

June 14th

June 15th

June 17th

June 20th

Now why is the Army Corps of Engineers flooding these dams? The infrastructure cannot cold all this ‘excess pressure’.. TheIntelhub has reported that the Garrison Dam is over 103% capacity right now… MISSOURI River Data On The Corps of Engineers Website Also it’s reported that there is a Mandatory FEMA Evacuation in Minot North Dakota… And on ATS: kdial1 posted that Fort Peck Dam might be the next to collapse due to it being at maximum capacity.. It’s not looking good! Not to mention that the Army Corps of Engineers are opening new flood-gates daily, making new levees and blowing others up… Not to mention the crappy infrastructure in America which includes the roads, bridges, dams and buildings..

Now this is another weird thing that was discovered on the internet… It’s a simulation for a radioactive plume that’s being released from the Nebraska Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant???? Now why would they have that on their website? But what’s even more strange is now if you go to the website site, it’s a 509: Bandwidth Exceeded.. Could the government have sent of Denial of Service Attack to the website to cover it up?.Ill post the video below.. Since there is a government ordered “Media-Black Out” of all reporting of news about these nuclear power plants!? Just found this online: According to Breaking News on the Weather Channel, June 23, 2011 at 9:45 pm central time, the levee at Brownsville, Nebraska near the Cooper Nuclear Plant just broke! They said that evacuations are under way, more news to come. I’m telling you that this is only the beginning of this disaster!


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These are some important videos and links I decided to include in-case you didn’t see this post about the Great Flood of 2011.. I included these videos above and lots of other links and information regarding this nuclear disaster and severe flooding! Why has the FAA declared over Fifty No-Fly Zones within the last month? And the Recent Sighting of Military Equipment Across The United States? Something is happening and our government is being secretive: (like always), same with the BP Disaster, 9/11 and even the Fukushima meltdown.. Now I included the RadNet Data for Nebraska and State Close-By Here.. But If you have any information please email me at I will either update this or make a new post once more information becomes available.. Please follow me on twitter @usahitman_com for all future breaking news…