WARNING – Martial Law 2011-2012?

The list below was taken from Michael Herzong Who Runs The American Awakening Show.. He has predicted the economic crash of 2008 and he has predicted the current collapse of the U.S government finances and now he has predicted ‘Martial Law’ within the United States within the next couple months! So is this a big hoax? Or is something going to happen very soon? Here is some of our own posts that back up this Martial Law theory: The Recent Sightings of Huge Military Train Convoys, Recent Sightings of Black Helicopters and the Sightings of Military Vehicles within the United States.. Prepare for you and your family! I’m sure they will be putting you in one of these Concentration Camps that have been construsted across the nation by FEMA… To make sense of the information below, please watch the first video:

The Upcoming Plan

OBAMA: “We could create NATO to face-down the Soviet Union; we could join in a new and global partnership!” = NWO

REP. Steny Hoyer: “At a time designated by the Speaker on the legislative date of March 13, 2008, The house resolve it’s self in a secret session as though pursuant to clause 8 of rule 17. Secondly the debate of such a secret session proceed without intervening motion for one hour. Equally divided and controlled by the majority leader and the minority whip.”

REP. Dennis Kucinich: “I will not attend that meeting. I will withdraw my objections but I want to have my friends here know that we ought to be proceeding with the ut-most caution going into this direction. I’m not going to be attending, such a session. I believe that it violates the spirit of this house! But I will withdraw my objections since my good friend feels that this is the path that he has to go.”

Here is what was realved at the secret congressional meeting:

1). The eminent collapse of the United States Economy to occur in late 2008. (Happened On 09/29/08) This should be the reason why Ron Paul should become the president! It doesn’t make a difference if it’s Obama or McCain…

2.) The eminent collapse of the United States Government finances sometime around mid-2009! Everything is going to waste, everything is going to hell and a handbasket! Because of this occupation…

3.) The possibility of civil war within the United States! As a result of the collapse; they are talking about rioting. What is the average ignorant American doing when they look at this? Do they have a clue what’s going on here? Remember folks they are telling this to our congressional members and there was a few of them. Who were shocked, horrified, furious and concerned enough. Which means they have conscious enough to leak this story! But listen to number four, this is what really really disturbs me! As my listening audience knows; this has already happened to me and my family! My family no longer lives in the country, I’m talking about my wife of four years.. We had to extricate from this country. The next one is very serious!!

4.)The advance roundups of insurgent US citizens! That are likely to move against the government.. Now what does that mean? How do they define move? Are they talking about taking up arms?

5.) The detention of those rounded up at the REX 84 camps that have been constructed across the nation. (FEMA plan named operation Garden Plot) Read This Post and This One for more information about these camps…

6.) The possibility of public retaliation against members of congress for the recent collapses! They are telling our congress members about the location of these safe facilities for their families to reside during this massive civil unrest! Then they go on and tell them about the necessary and unavoidable merger of the United States with Canada and Mexico; establishing the North American Union!

Watch These Videos


Military Preparing for Martial Law

Fema Trains, Fema Coffins & Concentration Camps For Martial Law

Martial Law Is Coming (News Piece)

Martial Law in New Orleans.. (Gun Grabs)

Note: These are only a few videos that can be found by searching on YouTube. The future of America is not looking good.. We know our government hates people who seek the truth and even people who follow the constitution! We no longer live in a FREE nation. The sad part about it is that our military and police officers would not stand up to the government. They would rather make the lives of citizens a miserable hell! Where do they draw the line? Please prepare for the worst! If you have any other information to add to this post, please email me at tips@usahitman.com