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e all known that the Dollar is going to crash.. The question is when? The economy has survived the first “baby” crash but the upcoming financial disaster is much worse and most of us might not make it out alive… Our government has been spending so much money in the past a couple years… The money we already owe is almost impossible to “pay back” but no one ever talks about the Interest we have to pay on each dollar back to the Federal Reserve.. Our system runs on borrowing money and being in debt.. We just keep printing money which has no valve what so ever…. Our dollar use to be backed by the Gold Stranded but don’t worry our government has a new currency.. It’s called the AMERO for the North American Union… Canada, Mexico and the United States will form a community much like the EU.

Ever since the last “recession” and the huge bailouts that were given to corporations by the government was only the beginning of something much worse! It’s Here People!! The depression, hyper-inflation and the upcoming food crisis that the whole world will face starting off with America! Trust me people! Ever since the Nuclear disaster in Japan our food supply have never been more threatened than ever! They already found radiation in Milk, Strawberries and all the other naturally growing foods including fish, chicken and beef.. Our government doesn’t want to admit it yet but there is always a cover-up involving these natural disasters. It already has been labeled way worse than Chernobyl and schools in Korea have been closing due to radioactive rain..

We need to prepare for the upcoming Nuclear and Global Economic Melt Down which is in the process as we speak. The reactors at Fukushima have been emitting radiation since the 11th of March. The U.S Government claims that there is no radiation fall-out over the United States at all yet but I highly doubt that! They also claim that Japan is making the situation less toxic than it really is. So what is the real damage? The truth of the matter is that it’s going to make the dollar much less valuable, food prices, imports, cars, and other things…