Nuclear Terrorist Attacks on 9-11-11 ?

I recently came across this article on Coup-Media which talks about a potential nuclear terrorist attack on 9/11/2011. Now this website claims that they received highly credible information which points to a significant and imminent threat to the civilian population in at least five metropolitan cities within the next month.. The CIA and FBI are already working to prevent this upcoming disaster! The attack is a simultaneous detonation of five portable nuclear devices which are called Radiological Dispersion Devices (RDDs). The cities that are being targeted are Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C and possible either Miami or Las Vegas.

They are not ruling out the possibility of more than five nuclear devices, which means that this could become a major disaster that will destroy our country! “The CIA found out information that ‘Muslims’ will try to strike on or around the tenth anniversary of September 11th” This website also claims that Obama has no knowledge of this event! On August 11th, researcher and author Steven Quayle mentioned on the Omega-Man Radio Show (1) mentioned that these RDDs are not low-tech out-dated nuclear devices but highly sophisticated hybrid weapons of mass destruction! Quayle also came out publicly and said that there was five of these devices within the United States.. Now does this ‘nuclear theory’ have any connection with these recent events? Recent Military Train Convoys, The Recent Sightings of Black Helicopters and the Movement of Military Hummers Across the United States?

Now the information came from a ‘prestigious and credible’ source that wishes to remain anonymous for the time being.. This leak of information came when concerned citizens started questioning and reporting the massive movements of these military trains in Oregon. (Linked Above) Why are those vehicles now painted for city-warfare instead of the desert war-fare that was used in the Middle East? Now are they moving these vehicles and troops to different areas within the United States? Are they preparing for this attack.. This same website also claims that the FBi is “Monitoring the Cells of members of Al Qaeda” The largest amount of ‘Muslim’ phone-data has been coming out of Detroit and they also have found out that these attacks will happen on 9-11. Could this be another ‘False Flag’ attack which would be made to look like an attack by radical Muslims which would result in the implementation of MARTIAL Law

Now this False Flag attack would mean an immediate retaliation by the US against these countries: Iran, Lebanon, Libya and even Syria which would trigger World War Three! Even the Middle East countries are on alert.. The Embassy in Kuwait will be moving all of it’s personnel out of Los Angeles by September. Also a family member of a well known diplomat has said: “Something of Biblical Proportions is Going to Happen in the Middle East Next Month.” The same source has hinted of a ‘nuclear exchange’ between Israel and its enemies in the Middle East region without specifying which one.. (The obvious ones being Iran and Syria)

An Illuminati Member Speaks Out: “There are tunnels being dug underground in many major countries by order of the military.” One of them is below Denver Airport and these are being built for ‘family members’ of the Global Elite! These tunnels are being built as government command centers to control satellites, HAARP and other devices which wold control things on the surface. Coup-Media also claims that the troops are being moved into strategic locations in preparation for the ‘Antichrist’ which will be coming into power. “In order to protect him, when he is revealed” Some have also claimed that the ‘Antichrist’ is already in the United Nations preparing for the future.. Super soliders such as James Casbolt, Commander Michael Prince and other Black-Op employees have extensively spoken about the existence of these Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) which are fully operational and equipped worldwide in case the need for more Concentration Camps (REX84) There has been said to be over four thousand of these Deep Underground Military Bases already in servie!

The CIA has announced that they started to move their operations from Langley to Denver back in April. (2) Jesse Ventura has gained notoriety for exposing these installations within the U.S and their true purpose.. The ‘Shadow-Government’ will be used to keep citizens in line and to keep the current government in full operation. Now Ventura has also talked about these Concertation Camps and how FEMA is involved with the military to implement Marshall Law which would strip citizens of all their Civil Rights and to hold citizens against their will.. Even FEMA has announced they are preparing for Something BIG.. They have been buying more Plastic Coffins, Prepackaged Food and other supplies which would be used in a catastrophic event! YouTube user mfromcanad1 (3) has a detailed report about this FEMA preparedness.. Quote from this user:

“They are to separate the contaminated bodies. He was trained to remove the sick and injured. He was told he will be working for FEMA, that he is FEMA. He said there will be radiation contamination. He was also trained for multiple “Natural” disasters. He was told these events could happen any day now.”

She mentions in part 2 of the video that her nephew informed her:

“He was informed of the DUMBS and the FEMA camps which he said were to isolate survivors from contamination.”

Other CIA sources hace explained the purpose for these coffins and civilian detention centers.. (4) There is a lot of evidence which shows that these camps are indeed real. Now was Glenn Beck (5) and Jesse Ventura censored from TV, due to exposing these camps and plans to the public? No doubt these prisons are used as death camps to hold insurgent American citizens who are likely to move against the government? Even a Police officer has spoken about these FEMA camps! (6) Not to mention there is over 800 of these camps within the United States.. (Some with non-English Speaking Soliders) If that wasn’t enough information: Bush Sr. signed a Executive Order 12656 in 1988 (7) which specifically talks about this COG implementation. It would give the government unlimited power and control over everything!

Management, control, and allocation of all usable waters from all sources within the jurisdiction of the United States Control, acquisition of real property Mining of strategic and critical and other nonfuel minerals for national security emergency purposes.

Stockpile strategic and critical minerals Military assistance to civilian law enforcement authorities Registration and inquiry, and mortuary services and interment The use of Federal penal and correctional institutions and resources Enforcement plans to respond to civil disturbances Management and control of civil transportation resources and systems, including privately owned automobiles, urban mass transit, intermodal transportation systems, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation and the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation Management of all Federal, State, city, local, and other highways, roads, streets, bridges, tunnels..

Control of people entering and leaving the United States Claimancy for materials and equipment for public water systems. Provide by induction, personnel that would be required by the armed forces Methods for interment of the dead..

Also, a recent government-issued bid from FEMA this year has included the massive purchase of underwater body-bags, antibiotics, disaster-relief supplies among other materials in case of a large scale event.. Now don’t believe that FEMA has any good intentions for it’s citizens! They were helping the hurricane victims in New Orleans (By disarming them and removing owners from their homes) and they were also stationed in NYC, days before 9-11. We have to pay attention to patterns! Cryptome (9) has posted a government-issued report from the Department of Homeland Security to the Centers for Disease Control regarding the use of Doxycycline Hyclate Tablets. Which are used for a nuclear, biological or even chemical attack.. (Anthrax) Doesn’t that seem suspicious? This same website also claims that many of our Military bases are on Alert! Something is seriously wrong; I know a couple people in the service and they have mysteriously vanished and are not keeping in touch with their families and friends! Is the government trying to keep this disaster a secret for a little longer?! This is not intended to scary anyone but to inform the citizen’s to prepare for the worst! Recently FEMA has started a Nationwide Preparedness Test; Reported by Coup-Media:

“Breaking news release from FEMA – Announcing First Nationwide EAS Test Posted by: Damon Penn, Assistant Administrator, National Continuity Program. ‘As we often say here at FEMA, it’s critical that all members of the team, whether it’s federal, state, local and tribal governments, or the public, have an emergency communications plan. Knowing how you would get in touch with the residents in your communities, or your loved ones, is a key part of how we all can prepare for disasters, both natural and man-made.”

We know the United Nations and our government has not yet completed the mission towards this “New World Order” We all know that the global elite has a great part in this global order which is trying to gain control all of the resources and all the people of the world! I’m not sure if this has any connection this this nuclear attack: But the Knights Templar or (PCCTS) has posted a interactive map which showed a nuclear attack on the different states.. It was later taken down and they claimed they had no connection to the Norway shooter.. But look at this link, which has photos and other information about the PCCTS. Not sure if its a connection or just a conspiracy theory? Still to this day, 9-11 has not been proven to be a attack by terrorists or just a False Flag attack. This same website claims that 9/11 was the third phase by the satanic TPTB which has significantly advanced their NWO agenda and this upcoming attack will be the fifth phase into their mindless control of the society.. I’m not sure how accurate the information that Coup-Media has.. This post is only pure speculation and I’m not claiming anything but rather just taking information from the website above and posting it for everyone to discuss. If you have any information about this future event please send me an email at


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